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Aug 13, 2009 11:00pm EDT
jim tillman. what kind of clues can be gleaned from the videotape obtained by nbc news? >> anderson, i've been worried about whether or not this could have been avoided. you know, see and avoid are the rules of the road when you're in this situation. but they didn't really see each other. let me give you an example. look at that airplane. that's a low-wing airplane. visibility below the aircraft is highly restricted. the chopper is looking straight ahead. the pilot of the aircraft was also looking straight ahead. they're not able to really see each other until it's much, much too late. >> would it have made any difference if -- they don't have radio communication with each other. they're not hearing each other's radios? >> yes. it would have made a big difference if they had been listening with each other. they would have given position reports so everybody knew where the other guy was. there are a couple, three things here. discipline with the radio, discipline with altitude control, et cetera, are all part of this accident. i'm sure that investigation will show that that's one area w
Aug 24, 2009 8:30pm EDT
. the first by chris tillman. nighttime baseball in minneapolis. 1-0 o's.   . >> jim: melvin mora takes high. >> buck: i speak to terry ryan who it was the general manager at the time joe mauer was drafted and signed, and i asked him to compare wieters, because he is now scouting, and he said they're both very similar. joe pause better athlete, overall, i mean better quarterback, runs, can steal bases, and just a little smoother, but he said matt wieters knocks it out of the ballpark, that's exactly the phrase he used to describe wieters power. he said he has game-changing power, and you'll see that eventually when he becomes more comfortable. so you see the comparison of beaters to joe mauer after 60 games. beaters is holding his own. it took mauer a while to develop the power, and you hope that same would be true with matt wieters. >> jim: you like to see the youngster -- they're all a little timid when they first get here, they want to keep in their place and not say too much too early, but let's face it, the young guys are taking over this team, and the soo
Aug 15, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. >> jim: tillman has no idea how good he's going to be. matusz is more mature, he comes out of a nice college program down in san diego. again, you have to understand, pitching in college baseball and here he is in the big leagues. that's what you want out of your number one draft choices. >> get here. good numbers for what you did below. >> 11-2 with a .199 era at a ball, double-a and triple-a. nothing left to prove. get up here and go to work. >> the only thing he has to prove is that he can get better. he was ready to pitch tonight. no disrespect to the angels. he wants to get out there. >> gary: that will miss high. >> jim: he reminds he, a lot of people saw frank tananna at the start of his career. he could throw as good as anyone in the major league. then hurt his shoulder. in the late 70s he was one of the best. >> gary: that ball is hit. the air to center, not deep. he's got it. couple of singles over two innings with a couple base runners on first. we go to bottom of the 2ndno score. and a few things we want to pay for. on top of it all, we're still trying to put away some mo
Aug 24, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, thieve boat young and 6'5". beaters is a switch hitter, mauer a straight left-handed hitter. >> jim: so tonight the opener, it will be chris tillman on the mound for the orioles, felix pie is in the line-up, adam jones is not. when we come back, buck is going to sit down and chat with one of the orioles hottest hitters, as felix pie is in the linion again tonight. éa,  >> i had a chance to sit do with felix pie and ask him what is helping him swing the bat better? >> well, just the work i'm getting 37 now i'm more comfortable. >> dusty baker your manager in chicago always loved your physical ability and said if felix can ever be patient, he's going to be a great hitter. and that's what you're doing now, letting the ball come to you, and not trying to hit everything you see? >> yeah, so now i see the ball, so, letting go, more than if the first half of the season. now, you know, i'm creating -- >> a how pout john shelby, your coach in the outfield, trying to help youny outfield has well. i know he's worked hard with you to improve. has he helped you a lot in the outfield? >> yeah
Aug 9, 2009 1:00pm EDT
kevin millar goes deep. flicks his wrist. berken on friday night, he overcame that. tillman yesterday afternoon overcame a two-run rios home run in the 2nd. let's see how brian matusz handles it. >> jim: pitch track presented by northrup grumman, the information system power house. 1-1 game. vernon wells now takes outside. vernon wells 4-for-his last 15. he is having a tough year overall, just 11 home runs. checked swing, outside, ball 3. he has had six 20-home run seasons. three separate times, he has driven in 100 runs. this year, he has not found the power stroke. has a big contract. today, he is facing the rookie brian matusz. matusz, big guy, 6'2". 3-12, offspeed witch. >> buck: that's one thing we saw matusz is very comfortable doing. he throws that change-up when he is behind in the count. >> jim: full count on vernon wells with none down. it's inside, ball 4. and a walk to vernon wells. juan samuels, the orioles' third base coach was on the roster for the jays when halladay came up. >> anything that you could take from guys like that could only be a plus for you. those guys, o
Aug 7, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. berken goes 2-9. romero, the loser, 10-5, and a save for jim johnson. game two coming up tomorrow. chris tillman will take the mound against fred cecil. our coverage on masn, 1:30 with "o's xtra" presented by at&t followed by the game at 1:00 on masn hd and wjz. more buck martinez and i'm gary thorne, thank you for joining us. this has been a masn presentation. the comeback win is the 46th of the season for the o's. how it happened, jim and rick, "o's xtra," right now! >> hi, everybody. it is "o's xtra" presented by verizon fios. the o's are able to get the opener of this three-game series. winning by a final of 7-5 over toronto. it was a come-from-behind win. huh about that, berken has two wins in the big leagues. and both against toronto. >> he went in with a 3.38 e.r.a. and finally pulls out a second win. nine consecutive losses. he finally broke that don't. he didn't get into double figures. that is a good thing. a very good effort. very, very tough after he gave up two home runs in that second inning back-to-back. he really beared down and ended up having a good game. >> toronto bui
Aug 9, 2009 2:00pm EDT
. very similar to tillman. tillman has a better change-up than halladay had but halladay had a little more velocity. he, too, has that spike curve ball. >> jim: and then a manager named buck martinez sent him back to the minors to reinvent himself and here is what you've got. you have the ace of the staff and one of the best pitchers, if not the best pitchers in baseball, not only the american league. >> buck: it was not a one-man decision. gordon ash was involved. many people in the minor league, once he got into the minor leagues but he basically went back and rebuilt his whole approach, simplified it. changed his approach at the mound, bends over, tucks it. slowly hit toward second base. hill, to scutaro, one, back to first and in time. and it is scooped by millar. pie thought he had it beat out. trembley is going to come out for a conversation with adrian johnson but another double play ends an inning. that is the third time today a double play has ended an inning for the orioles. 5-2 toronto. hey mom i need some minutes. i just gave you some at the restaurant. yea i know. i threw
Aug 24, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. drama. two out. final four, jim johnson with the final of the day. and jasonbergman, winner. orioles win their first series since the all-stars and capture their first series in chitown. >>> birds on the mound. 29-year-old chris tillman. with an earned run average of 25. and opposing tillman on the hill. the twins' scott baker. 11-7, so far this season. that's about it in sports. at 5:00 for now. but we will be back at 6:00. coming up, and we will talk about the world track and field championships in birlin germany. and boy, was there action. good bad and ugly. >>> we have never met before. but sergeant ryan bonham of the golden knights. parachuters. so in a couple of hours, you guys are going to jump from the sky and land on the field? >> yes, sir. >> what is the most difficult thing about jumping from a plane? >> probably the target on the ground. once you've done it a few times, there's nothing hard about getting out. >> reporter: nothing hard about it. this guy make its sound so easy. that's it for us tonight. >> at least they got good weather for it. >>> still to come tonight on wjz
Aug 25, 2009 8:00pm EDT
come back, buck will chat with andy macphail. it's the o's-twins on masn. @x  >> jim: orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by corona and corona light, official sponsors of the time- out. relax responsibly. >> buck: chris tillman was a tough luck loser last night losing 2-1. andy macphail president of baseball operations was here in the ballpark. i asked andy to give me his impressions about what the big left-hander did last night. >> i thought he did fine last night. i thought he was interested in his comments after the game when he got in trouble in the sixth, things moved a little faster for him there which i don't think is uncommon. i was very pleased. i think there have been some times he's gone out there without his best weapons. he's been able to make the adjustments he's had to keep himself in the game. we all look at things from our own self-interest. i think if he had gotten a call or two in the critical inning particularly against cabrera, that whole inning might have evolved a little differen
Aug 14, 2009 8:00pm EDT
history. chris tillman, first win of his major league career. there have been seven cycles this season. >> jim schwarts has announced ad dante culpepper, and landon donovan has the swine flue, so the rest of his teammates in the u.s. soccer team will get treatment so they don't get the swine flue. >> tiger woods had his struggles today. it didn't matter, how he managed to stay in control of the pga championship. anish shroff, and kevin consor anish shroff, and kevin consor wi i'm racing cross country in this small sidecar, but i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. i'm bill kurtis, and wherever i go, i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. gun it, mick. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your busin
Aug 25, 2009 11:00pm EDT
if cuddyer might make an early break, but he just held the ball to see what was going to happen there. >> jim: cuddyer has five steals on the year. strike one right in there. kubel dh'd in the game last night with tillman on the mound and he was 0-3, but he did drive in what proved to be the winning run with a sac fly. inside, 1-1. >> buck: kubel didn't start tonight because of brian matusz the right-hander on the mound the starter for the orioles. >> jim: ball and a strike on the pinch-hitter kubel. he went too far. 1-2. tough to pickup that pitch. recognized where it is. decide to swing and realize it's sailing high and he can't do anything about it. 1-2 an off-speed pitch. it's interesting watching the contrasting these pitchers with mickolio. his off-speed pitch is 88 miles per hour. there are a lot of major leaguers who pop-out fastballs at 88. fouled back. >> buck: that ball ball -- that ball 96 miles per hourment when you throw as hard as mickolio is, you get 10 mile separation, that's a pretty good changeup. it's the change of pace. it's not complimentary to your fastball. >> jim: 2-2
Aug 30, 2009 6:00am EDT
'm jim handly. our topic this morning, preparing for swine flu or the h1n1 virus. our guests this morning a panel of experts. we have with us dr. tillman of the montgomery county health department. also we have dr. capawitz of the alexandria health department and dr. pierre from the d.c. department of health. thank you for coming. we're walking with a lot of unknowns. doctor, you mentioned we're up against time. it's a race against time right now. what did you mean by that? >> well, our last flu season was unusual in that it really did not go away, and usually by the end of may flu is over. but this year we have seen the continuing of inn new za, particularly the h1n1 throughout the summer, just lessening. in the state of maryland it's just beginning to drop off some recently. but we fully anticipate that as the students come back to school and you have that concentration of those youngsters that we can see an upsurge of influenza like illness again. >> the presidential panel this week said that half the country could be infected. didn't talk about so much how severe most of those cases w
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12